Flat Roof Repairs

If you have a roofing problem give us a call to arrange a free roof survey and quote. Repairing flat roofs is one of our main roofing services and since we have the highest standards of professionalism and use the best repair materials your leaking flat roof will become a distant memory.

Common problems are solved quickly and efficiently. PeakTop roofing are one of the most established roofing companies in Dublin.

Materials used to cover any type of flat roof are known as a membrane and are used primarily to waterproof the flat roof.
This membrane material will enable the water to be directed off the roof into a guttering system.

We use top quality torch on felt materials on all flat roofs we repair. We’ve found it to be the best quality and best performing material at a very reasonable cost.

If a flat roof develops a leak, it can cause damage that could go unnoticed for some time, all the while letting water penetrate into the decking and insulation and damage can be extensive and expensive to rectify. If left untreated rot will develop which can lead to a much weakened roof.

We have so much experience and training in flat roofing that we’ll quickly and expertly examine your roof and after identifying the problems, weaknesses and leaks, we’ll get to work on expertly restoring it.

We repair all kinds of flat roofs, both domestic and commercial, apartments and houses. If it has a flat roof we can repair it.

We use the best type of high performance torch on felt membrane for the job to ensure the most effective and long lasting water proofing at a very competitive price. Flat roof repair is an art and an artist needs great materials to work.

Call us today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your specific situation and needs without obligation.